* Common Core- Rotten to the Core Presentation (Read only)

* Share this presentation with your family, neighbors, school boards, etc. I update this presentation periodically so check here for the latest presentation.*

*Hand out Common Core Education Fliers from the Fliers page.

* NY presentation by Lisa Christiansen, Lisa Johnson and Jodi Kohli- "Common Core- Do you know what you are biting into?"

This presentation has a lot of great research on the funding and companies behind Common Core, Pearson's plans for our children and the connection of Common Core to UNESCO.*

* "The Cloud Institute for Sustainable Education."

This presentation shows the goals of the United Nations for our children's education and their connection to Common Core.*


* Thirty-five States are in the process of submitting bills to reject Common Core as of February 20, 2014! AZ is included in this number. Yeah!!! Indiana is in the process of developing their own state standards once again. Open above document to see a complete listing of the State's bills as of 2/20/14. *

* "Legislation would block Alabama from implementing national curriculum standards (updated)." A copy of the Alabama's bills (HB254) and (SB190) are here.

* Florida- "Education leaders worry schools won't be ready for new standards."

* "Bill introduced in Georgia to stop Common Core." and A copy of the Georgia's bill (SB163) is here.

* "Colorado Board of Education Hears Common Core Critics."

* "Common core ed standards face hearing in [Idaho's] House committee."

* "Indiana Bill Will Mandate Assessment and Public Input of Common Core." and A copy of Indiana's bill (SB193) is here.

Indianapolis Star- "Indiana Supreme Court upholds school vouchers."

The Foundry- "Governor Pence Pauses Indiana Common Core Standards."

* "Anti-Common Core Bill Filed Introduced In Kansas." and A copy of the Kansas's bill (HB2289) is here.

* "Louisiana SCR 68 Requests State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Department of Education to withdraw from the Common Core State Standards Initiative and cease all activities related to implementation of such standards."

* "Anti-Common Core Bill Almost Ready to Go in Michigan House."

The Foundry- "Michigan Budget Battle Provides Opportunity to Reject Common Core National Standards."

* "Anti-Common Core Bill Filed in Missouri House." and A copy of the Missouri's bill (HB616) is here.

* ** NOTE: In U.S. Map above, Minnesota adopted the Common Core English Standards but not the Math Standards.**

* New York submitted legislation to Stop Common Core (6/13/13)- Senate Bill 79954.

* North Carolina Senate introduced in their budget language that requires the State Board of Education have the legislature approve any expenditures related to the Common Core and their assessments. This language is backed up in their Excellent Public Schools Act of 2013.

* Ohio is having a budget battle over the Common Core State Standards, after the Ohio House stripped funding for PARCC from their budget.

* Oklahoma- "Student Data Mining, How Much Data Is Enough?"

* Pennsylvania Senators urge for "slow down" of Common Core which led Governor Tom Corbett to sign an executive order delaying the Common Core implementation. (Still need legislative action so this is permanent).

* "South Carolina State Senator Mike Fair Warns About Common Core Testing."

* "Anti-Common Core Bill Clears South Dakota House Education Committee." and A copy of the South Dakota's bill (HB1204) is here.

* Tennessee Against Common Core website.

* "Common Core Propaganda Bill in Utah House."


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